Terms and Conditions

  • Estimates are fixed for 60 days.
  • Payment terms are 3 days from date of invoice unless otherwise stated.
  • A deposit of 40% is required prior to commencement of all work.
  • Full payment is required for any flooring ordered from Ironwood Flooring Services to process the order.
  • All goods remain the property of Ironwood Flooring Services until paid for in full.
  • If you fail to pay us on agreed date we may;
    1. Charge you interest at the rate set under S.6 of the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (interest) Act 1999.
      1. Calculated (on a daily basis) from the date of our invoice until payment.
      2. Compounded on the first day of each month.
      3. Before and after judgement (unless a court orders otherwise).
    2. Claim fixed sum compensation from you under S.5A of that Act to cover our credit control overhead cost.
    3. Recover (under clause 5.8) the cost of taking legal action to make you pay.
  • Costs given are for continuous working during normal hours (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm), if work is to be completed outside these hours an additional cost may be incurred.
  • It is our clients responsibility to organise parking spaces/permits/ costs if required.
  • Costs subject to verification of a site survey where applicable.
  • Trimming of doors are excluded unless otherwise arranged.
  • When we are trimming doors ‘chipping’ may occur by cutting against the timber grain. We do not repaint doors and/or hinges.
  • During the winter months, it is essential that the heating system is operational before any Installation. Failure to ensure this may cause irreparable damage to the floor covering of which Ironwood Flooring Services cannot accept any responsibility.
  • Temperature of rooms to commence work must be between 15 -20 degrees C.
  • Humidity of rooms for Installation must be between 45 and 65 to enable work to commence.
  • Ironwood Flooring Services will not accept liability for any defects, gapping or shrinkage, due to excessive humidity or moisture which is beyond our control. Recommended RH (Relative Humidity) and MC (Moisture Content) percentages can be affected by floor cleaning processes, tumble driers, excessive heating or humid weather.
  • Should a moisture test be required prior to work we have a minimum charge of £30 plus VAT.
  • Our estimate/quotation includes for work as detailed only. Any changes or additions to the description hereto will be charged accordingly.
  • Ironwood Flooring Services is not responsible for the quality of any materials provided by our clients.
  • All material cutting will take place internally, unless agreed otherwise prior to commencement of work.
  • Ironwood Flooring Services is not responsible for the removal and disposal of waste; this will incur an additional charge and must be agreed prior to commencement of work.
  • Our quotation is based on cleared areas only unless otherwise stated. Although we can assist with or work around heavy objects, this must be a prior arrangement; otherwise, a further labour charge will be made of £40 plus VAT per man p/hr for us to commence. Ironwood Flooring Services accepts no responsibility for damage to property that has not moved prior to us commencing work. We accept no liability for any items that our client has request we move.
  • When in any property or site, it is the main client or the main contractor’s responsibility to provide adequate lighting, heating, electricity (240v/110v), clear access and toilet facilities.
  • The client is responsible for movement of white goods and plumbing prior to flooring works.
  • Liability is not accepted for damage caused to ceiling below when carrying out preparatory works.
  • Please note; if we are working through a main contractor for a third party, this term overrides all other considerations and maintains the goods as the property of Ironwood Flooring Services. Contracts are to incorporate this condition within its terms and conditions with their Client.
  • Ironwood Flooring Services reserves the right to levy a surcharge of £250.00 per man per day if the Client changes an installation or renovation date within 72 hours of the agreed date.
  • The Client is responsible for re-routing of all cables, wires etc. that may run across the sub floor before installation of new floor covering. If this prevents an installation proceeding on a booked installation date, this could incur a cancellation charge or waiting time charge. Ironwood Flooring Services accepts no responsibility for damage to wires or cables during installation, it is your responsibility to make us aware of where pipes or cables are located, prior to installation.
  • Where any undercutting is performed, it is your responsibility to make our operatives aware of the location of any pipes and cables prior to the starting of any work.
  • When flooring is installed as a floating floor, a certain amount of spring or bounce may be experienced, compared to a solid fix installation.
  • On site, the main contractor if required will make provisions for safe and secured storage of the flooring products and at all times will be responsible for the health and safety of our operatives on their site.
  • Laminate, engineered and solid wood floors may ‘flex’ and creak and will follow the topography of the sub-floor being fitted to.
  • ‘Clic system’ products are not seamless; gaps can develop and can vary across areas relative to foot traffic.
  • Colour variation in wood is an expected and natural phenomenon.
  • Scotia and thresholds cannot be a guaranteed colour match.
  • Whilst every effort is made during floor sanding to ascertain the thickness of the real wood wear layer, in some instances the thickness may vary across the floor due to previous sanding works or varying densities, we cannot be held responsible for sanding through the wear layer.
  • Some scuffing of the skirting boards may occur, we cannot be held responsible for this.
  • It is our client’s responsibility to choose the correct floor stain. If a floor has been stained under your request, any change of mind will result in additional re-sanding costs for labour and materials.
  • On completion of any floor installation or renovation the client or site representative must sign off the work, if required.
  • Once sign off has occurred you are agreeing to the completion of our work to a satisfactory level.
  • If there are any disputes with the work carried out, the work must not be signed off.
  • Sign off is at our client’s discretion. Any damages or marks found in the floor that have been caused by the fitter will only be rectified if pointed out to the fitter before the client has signed off work, any damages noticed after this time i.e. the following day, will be assumed to be the fault of the client and will not be rectified.
  • Acceptance of our contract will be in agreement of our Terms and Conditions.
  • Contract is also our word for Estimate/Quotation.
  • Ironwood Flooring Services reserves the rights to change these Terms and Conditions from time to time.

Floor Supply

  • The price quotes excludes VAT (unless otherwise stated). We cannot confirm the exact cost of flooring until the order is ready to be confirmed with our floor supplier, as they do not guarantee their prices. Our materials invoice must be paid in full prior to us ordering your floor.
  • Any flooring purchased from Ironwood Flooring Services will not be returned and or refunded after purchase unless faulty or agreed by our supplier.
  • Our floor supplier may accept the return of goods from you only by prior arrangement, on payment of an agreed handling/re-stocking charges (unless the goods were defective when delivered) and where the goods are as fit for sale on their return as they were on delivery.
  • When supplying solid wood flooring, the wood must be acclimatised, in the area of installation, for a minimum of 7 days prior to installation.
  • Ironwood Flooring Services are not liable for problems with the floor which occur because our installation and maintenance guidelines, have not, in our opinion, been followed.
  • It is the responsibility of our clients to check that the flooring delivered is suitable prior to commencing installation. Wood is a natural product and whilst our supplier will replace flooring which is delivered to our customer in a defective state, they do not guarantee a colour match of replacement materials.
  • Visual problems which have occurred due to normal wear and tear, denting through concussive use whether through footwear or other foreign or heavy objects are not the responsibility of our wood supplier.
  • Ironwood Flooring Services are not liable for problems which occur through abnormal moisture or heat levels, staining or through flooding.
  • Ironwood Flooring Services take no responsibility for the normal consequences of ageing such as fading due to sunlight.