Walnut Flooring

Walnut is a common name for about 20 different species for deciduous trees. Many Walnuts are grown in Northern America, the USA and Canada. These tend to be of a darker variety.

The Walnut itself will display many of the linear lines, however you will also be able to see marbling and swirls within the grain pattern, interspersed with knots and light flashes of sapwood. Quite often the sapwood will appear naturally as a yellow or syrup colour. These are subsequently stained to darken the wood and give it overall a more consistent tone.

The colour choices available when choosing Walnut flooring vary from a creamy pale timber to much darker, richer shades. Walnut is a very popular choice for areas where the beauty of the wood can be displayed effectively.

Whilst Walnut Flooring is not quite as strong or as durable as Oak flooring, typically the floors will be highly finished with a number of layers of protection. Other species of Walnut is derived from Europe, Asia and South America, although these tend to be slightly lighter and will have more colour variation ranging from deep coffee to paler sandy tones.

Ironwood Flooring can offer a range of Walnut flooring in a solid wood floor or an engineered wood floor. These are available in many sizes, grades and finishes. Engineered flooring is a method of construction that involves wood layers being stuck together under high pressures and it helps create a Walnutwood floor which is more stable and less affected by moisture, humidity and temperature than a solid wood floor.

If you would like us to assist you in choosing the best type of flooring to suit your requirements, please contact us.

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