Environment & Allergens

Offering the Natural products that bring health benefits

It is evident that allergies and asthmas are among the fastest growing health risk throughout the developed world and increasingly sufferers are improving their health by reducing allergens within the home. This can be helped by removing carpets and installing wooden flooring.

Ironwood Flooring can offer products to finish your wooden floors that are high quality, natural and renewable materials that bring health benefits for our clients that may have chemical or breathing sensitivities. Many are solvent free and do not contain biocide, which makes them suitable for areas used by small children.

There are a variety of natural oils, hard wax oils and paints to compliment any floor available for you to choose from with Low or zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compound).

Many products in this range carry the EU Ecolabel. Using Ecolabel products help protect the environment, producing less waste and pollution. This label minimises the use of hazardous substances, which can harm animal and plant life.

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