Reclaimed Flooring

Reclaimed flooring is becoming a popular flooring option, particularly with our clients who are eco-conscious.

The option of purchasing, salvaging and restoring recycled flooring in your home gives the wood another lease of life with the knowledge you have created a Zero Forest Footprint, where the wood has already been harvested and has enjoyed a previous life in another location. Reclaimed blocks can create beautiful old floors in a new environment. Old blocks are often more dense in composition and will generally have more character.

Re-using wood from old buildings or demolished barns can preserve trees and add character to restoration projects. For example old barn boards can make rich and interesting wooden floors.

Recycled wood can be utilised to create a new floor in a new environment – or can be used to extend and repair an existing floor. On many occasions we are asked to match an existing floor and supply reclaimed material to blend in an old fire hearth or extend an existing floor into a new extension. We are able to match timber species and source blocks, in many cases providing an exact match.

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